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HP-41 Links

Museums & Libraries
Jean-Marc Baillard - Library of HP-41 Programs
Matthias Wehrli - Hewlett Packard Collection
Eric Rechlin - hpcalc.org
Thomas - HP-41 Materials in French
Viktor T. Toth - rskey.org
Ulisse Quadri - Museo didattico del Computer
Smithsonian - HP-41 onboard the Space Shuttle
Hewlett-Packard - Virtual Museum
David Hicks - The Museum of HP Calculators

Collectors & Users
Rick Furr - The Calculator Reference
Namir Shammas - Numerical Analysis
Juergen Keller - Calculator Nostalgia Blog in German
Noël Jouenne - HP-41 Site in French
Pierre Hardy - HP-41 Page & Programming Tool
Gene Wright - Old HP and TI Calculators
Thibaut - Collecting & Using HP Calculators
Dan Pfeiffer - HP-41 Page
Emmanuel Compes - HP-41 Page
Lars Johansson - Disassembly pictures
Noel Jouenne - Description in French
Mike Davis - Buying Tips
Valentin Albillo - Calculator Pages
Tony Thimet - Calculator Collection
Geir Isene - Calculator Pages
John Groenendijk - Online HTML HP-41C Manuals
Stefan Vorkoetter - Historical Computing Devices
Guillaume Tello - HP-41 Site in English and French

   Club Archives
Jake Schwartz - PPC CD-ROM Set
HPCC - Handheld and Portable Computer Club

Sales and Service
eBay - HP-41 equipment for auction
The NiCd Lady - All types of battery packs
KAN Batteries - 4 Pack 1/3 AAA 150mAh 15mm for $1.20
International Calculator - HP calculator sales and supplies
Vintage Calculator Repair - Repairs HP Calculators and more
EnterHP.com - eBay Store
CSCenter - Calculator Repairs in Brazil
The Calculator Store - Sales in Brazil

Hardware Development
Meindert Kuipers - MLDL2000
Diego Díaz - Clonix41 and NoVRAM Modules
Monte Dalrymple - NEWT

Emulator Development
Eric Smith - NSIM and Nonpareil
HrastProgrammer - HP-41X Emulator
Jean-François Garnier - Homepage
Alvaro Gerardo Suárez - HP-41 Emulator Page

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