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A special thanks to those who have contributed to this website!

    Jo Øverland - Providing forum hosting since 2009
    Alan Claughan - Providing file hosting since 2007
    Malte Weyer - Providing file hosting since 2016

    Hewlett-Packard - Permission to reproduce any HP-41 materials.
    Jake Schwartz - Permission to share Datafile, Key Notes, Journal, HPX, CHHU and PPC issues from his CD set
    Christoph Klug - Provided copies of Service Manual and several HP-IL hardware manuals
    Leo Duran - Wrote HP41UC utility
    Reinhard Breuer - Redrew HP41 schematic
    Rudi Christensen - Scanned Time Module manual, HP-IL Printer manual
    Ulisse Quadri - Wrote WIN41UC utility
    Julián Miranda - Loaned Stress and Structural Analysis Pac manuals
    Philip Nienhuis - Scanned Stat Pac Manual
    Jeff Brown - Wrote original TEF code for V41
    Peter Janssen - Created new icon for V41
    Jim McCarthy - Keyboard image conversions for V41
    Zharkoi Oleg - Wrote timer, trace and speaker sound code for V41
    Michael Vogel - Created light tone face bitmaps for V41
    Mark Villarino - Reworked the PANAME manual into a PDF
    Keith Jarett - Permission to reproduce "Synthetic Programming Made Easy" and Programming Reference Card
    S. E. Vincent - Improved keyboard bitmaps, created TrueType LCD font, scanned Extended Functions manual
    Sten Vesterli, Flemming Madsen - Permission to reproduce HEPAX manual
    Steen Petersen - Permission to reproduce HEPAX ROM
    Monte Dalrymple - Loaned Real Estate Pac manual, IR Printer Module manual, Real Estate Pac Overlay
    W&W Software Products GmbH - Permission to reproduce CCD module and manual
    Frank Bauernoeppel - Ported V41 to the PocketPC and wrote wave sound code
    Thomas Schaefer - Provided Card Reader ROM, Extended I/O ROM, Survey ROM, Aviation Pac
    Tony Duell - Provided Users Library Solutions programs with index, Plotter ROM, Securities Pac, Thermal Pac, David Assembler and others
    Ray Simons - Donated assorted HP-41 hardware and software
    Paul Mang - Scanned Finance Pac manual
    Mike - Provided Time Module VASM listing
    Dave Colver - Scanned HP-41C/CV/CX Service manual, W&W 32K RAM Box manual, AME PortXTender Manual, Applied Statistics I,II
    Andy Delano - Loaned 3421A Data Acquisition/Control manuals, HPIL/HPIB manual, HPIL Converter Technical manual, HPIL/GPIO manual and supplement, HPIL/RS232 manual
    William Wickes - Permission to reproduce "Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C"
    John McClurg - Loaned "Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C", "Inside the HP-41", Contributor's Guide, CCD overlay and QRC
    Eric Smith - TEF code in V41
    Philip Reagan - Provided copy of Data Acquisition/Control Pac manual
    Kristian Otnes - Scanned Circuit Analysis Pac Manual
    Jürgen Keller - Scanned Machine Design Pac Manual, 92198 HP-IL 80 Column Video Interface Owner's Manual
    Gary Friedman - Permission to reproduce "Control The World With HP-IL"
    Ian Chennell - Scanned Sales Brochure
    Paul Cardinale - PPC ROM Manual Index page
    Alan Claughan - Scanned Series 40 Sales Brochure, Circuit Analysis, Stress overlays, Home Management QRC, "Creating Your Own HP-41 Barcode", "An Easy Course in Programming the HP-41" and other Grapevine publications, System Demo, converted PPC PDF files, Printer and Wand Service Manuals, Real Estate Ref, Optometry I & II, HVAC, User's Lib Programming Reference Guide, HP-IL Chip Specification, HP-IL Reference, HP-IL Diagnostic ROM Manual
    Jean-Daniel Dodin - Permission to reproduce "Inside the HP-41"
    Dana Greathouse - Loaned Petroleum, Securities and Thermal Pac manuals
    Gordon Dyer - HP-41 / HP-28 Comparison Brochure, You & Hewlett Packard Brochure, Custom Products Brochure
    David A. van Leeuwen - Permission to reproduce David Assembler and manual
    Grapevine Publications - Permission to reproduce "An Easy Course in Programming The HP-41" and other HP-41 publications
    Jim Joseph - Donated HP-41 manuals
    Don Leonard - Loaned 3468A Manual and Product Note, "Creating Your Own HP-41 Barcode", 82905B Manual, MX-80 Technical Manual, Eramco Quick Ref
    Rod Buchanan - Donated assorted HP-41 hardware and manuals
    Eramco Systems - Permission to reproduce Eramco materials for HP-41
    Frank Wales - Internal Design Specification documents for CPU, HP-IL, Timer and Printer
    Robert Hasenohr - Clinical Lab and Nuclear Medicine Pac manual
    Steve Beadle - Scanned Cement Plug Balancing and Injection Rate Calculations program
    Wilson Holes - Permission to reproduce AECROM, donated AECROM and Manual, loaned Data Acq Module Manual, scanned ProtoTECH Manuals, MC EPROM Manual, Many ROM files
    Pierre Hardy - HP-41 Programming Environment & Bar Codes Generation Utility
    Ángel Martin - Service ROM Overlay, SANDBOX ROM, SANDMATH ROM, Unit Convert ROM, Cv-PAK manual, Toolbox ROM, Advanced Matrix ROM, Bessel Functions Module, Encoded various games into modules, HP41Z Module, Total Rekall-41 Document, Unit Convert ROM, Quaternion ROM, Polynomial Analysis Module, scanned library programs, and MANY MORE submissions.
    Charles Lee - P41CX Emulator & Utilities for Palm Pilot
    Meindert Kuipers - ML ROM
    Claude Roeltgen - Contributed Chess Playing Program
    Virgilio Guillen - Auto Start and Cassette Duplication Manual
    Diego Diaz - Scanned Digital Cassette Drive Manual, 9114B Manuals, 44468A Overlays, 82973A Schematic, 82240B Printer Manual, 2225B ThinkJet Manual, SGS Gas Manual, Clonix-41 Module, ET-11968 image, Ulrich's Books Price List
    Ulrich Deiters - Contributed Aitken's Polynomial Interpolation Program
    Emmanuel Compès - Scanned original French Paname manual, made Forth41 Overlay, HHP Manuals, QRG, HP-41CX QRG, Supplement, Documented CMT EPROM Test Module
    Jean-François Garnier - Scanned HPIL Chip Detailed Description, Advantage Applications ROM, RAMBOX manuals
    Garth Wilson - Provided copy of HP-41 HP-IL System Dictionary, Firmware Specialists HP-IL/RS232 Interface
    Cary Enoch Reinstein - 4TREK, HP-41 HP-IL System Dictionary
    Miki Mihajlovic - HP-16 Simulator for HP-41, Scanned Reservoir Engineering Manual and Programs
    D. Nathan Meehan - Contributed Reservoir Engineering Manual
    Eric L. Vogel - Contributed Reservoir Engineering Manual
    Bill Russell - Users Library Program 01957C
    Dave Conklin - Permission to reproduce Firmware Specialists HP-IL/RS232 Interface manual
    Gene Wright - Provided many user code programs for scanning, loaned Finance 1D ROM
    Dave Ramsey - Scanned many user code programs
    Michael Burr - Loanded HP-41C/CV Brochure
    Alain Duranteau - Scanned System Demo, Several French HP-41C Sales Brochures
    Laitram, L.L.C - Loaned Laitram XQ2 Module and granted permission to post
    Etienne Victoria - Provided listing of HP-41 System Demo
    Matthas Wehrli - Module List, IMS System-4, Abrasive Formulations MOD
    William Doug Wilder - Released BLDROM and manual, DISASM ROM and manual, Labels ROM, 82143A printer documentation, loaned CMT brochures
    Patric Mueller - Assembler Utility
    Iñigo Rodriguez Aizcorbe - Scanned Spanish manuals: High Level Math Solutions, Stat Pac Manual & Quick Ref, HPIL Module Manual & Quick Ref, Card Reader Manual, HP-41C Quick Ref, Standard Applications Manual, 82143A Printer, HP-41C User's Manual, CCD German Manual
    Helmut Wabnig - HP-41 Rechargeable Battery Pack Refurbishment document
    John Dearing - Permission to reproduce Calculator Tips & Routines.
    Ted Taylor - Provided copy of Surveying Field Solutions manual
    Wilhelm Loidl - HP-41CY Turbo, RAMBOX II manual, Walcher W41 Data Logger Manual, Mücke Module
    David Bookin - Scanned Users Library programs: 02567C, 00609C, 00709C, 01333C, 02115C, Sales Literature: Hepax, Zenrom, 82240, Solve & Integrate newsletter, Chemistry Collection book, various addendums, Educalc Tech Notes
    Ken Saul - Copies of The Chemistry Collection, The Physics Collection & permission to reproduce.
    Gunnar Spiess - German Card Reader Manual
    Ron Fredericks - 41CV Owner's Handbook, Cardiac/Pulmonary Solutions
    Dmitri Faguet - HP-41CV Repair Sheet
    David Hayden - Scanned a collection of User Library programs, and converted them to RAW format.
    Stéphane Barizien - Permission to publish the Paname ROM
    Jean-Jacques Dhénin - Permission to publish the Paname ROM, and "Programmer HP-41"
    Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz - Permission to publish "Extend Your HP-41"
    Jeremy Smith - Permission to publish Synthetic Quick Ref and Notes
    Robert Moumaneix - Scan of Card Reader Service Manual
    Alan McCornack - Provided a copy of "HP-41 Advanced Programming Tips" and permission to reproduce it.
    Allen Thomson - Scanned CMT-110/CMT-10 Manual, SUP-R-ROM Manual, CMT-10 Manual, Zeprom Programmer Manual, Handy Compact Manual
    Prabhuraj Bhooplapur - Scanned "Curve Fitting for Programmable Calculators" and Laplace Transforms
    William Kolb - Permission to reproduce "Curve Fitting for Programmable Calculators"
    Daniel Perrenoud - Scanned French HP-41C Owner's Manual
    Bryan Levin - Repair photos
    Micky Moreno - Seapipe Module Info
    Steve Leaver - Improved HP-41C/V Programmer's Manual
    Peter Platzer - Reformatted SDK41 Manual, Unit Convert ROM
    Tom Bruns - Permission to publish TOMSROM1 program and manual
    Didier Lachieze - Scanned French Card Reader Manual, Dutch Operating Manual
    Karl-Ludwig Butte - UPLE Programming Submittal Form
    Michael Rees - Scanned Mücke Manual
    Dean Koger - Transcribed programs for: Chemistry Collection, Physics Collection, LaPlace Transform, Interference Fits, Linear or Angular Def, Molecular Wt Calc, Soderbergs Eq, Solutions Index, ME programs, Fitting Polynomials and Roots of Polynomials
    Luiz C. Vieira - Provided NUT0-H.ROM
    Luján García - Made keyboard overlay images for Sandmath and 41Z
    Dirk Risse - Scans of German quick reference cards
    Jim Daly - Donated Oilwell Drilling module and manual and permission to reproduce
    Jean-Marc Baillard - Wrote and submitted JMB MATH ROM, ASTRO2010 ROM, JMB Matrix ROM and Quaternion ROM
    David Bengtson - Scanned "A Pocket Computer? Sizing up the HP-41C"
    David Hayes - Made high contrast keyboard images for V41
    Alvaro Gerardo Suárez - Translated V41 helpfile to Spanish
    R. Moumaneix - Translated V41 helpfile to French, Scanned HP82164A Service Manual and created new schematic diagram
    Geir Isene - Developed and Submitted ASTROUI rom, NOV CHAP rom, ICEBOX rom manual
    Pip Hamilton - Battery repair sheet
    Juergen Keller - CMT-300 Manual, CAB41
    Thomas West Rodke - Developed and Submitted MoNoPoLY Module and documentation
    Kimberly Thompson - Scanned and submitted a collection of 25+ engineering user code programs and manuals
    Pierre-Jean Ballard - Converted all RAW programs into barcode
    Andreas - Scanned German Standard Application Pac Manual
    Ruud de Bruin - Install script for V41 on Windows 7
    Jackie Woldering - Converted Coconut VASM listing to text, transcribed PPC programs
    Ettore Accenti - Scanned Italian Quick Ref, Owner's Manual and Standard Applications book
    Jeff Beckerman - Compiled programs from all solutions books and generated new barcode
    Sebastian Toelg - Developed and Submitted NEXT rom and Quick Reference
    Giancarlo Ferluga - Scanned manual for CAL-TRANS Survey Chip 2.0
    Johannes Grösbrink - VERMPACK
    Newton Fallis - Financial Pack Overlays for V41
    Christophe Gottheimer - BLDROM - The HP-41 ROM Builder, NSIMII, Liftool, SDK41/Linux port
    François Charpentier - Protective keyboard photos
    Derek Amos - Eramco MLDL XROM 11 version
    Martin Hepperle - Scanned German translation books of Dearing, Jarett, Wickes and Albers, BYTE magazine articles, ERAMCO Newsletter and price list, all PRISMA issues
    Sylvain Côté - Scanned "Data processing on the HP-41C/CV", "HP-41 Advanced Programming Tips"
    Rik Bos - Provided ERAMCO Newsletter and price list
    Walt - Scanned German HP-41 Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide
    Robert Meyer - Reworked PDF of Hepax Manual 1
    Hubert Coupez - Reworked PDF files of many manuals with text searching
    Paulus Koeleman - Hyper-41 Manual Scan
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